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Zack Hanebrink

Zack Hanebrink is the Inbound Marketing Manager at BoomTown, one of the fastest growing software companies in the nation. He has over 10 years experience in marketing, both in-house and agency. He is a big believer in putting more focus on marketing, PR and branding and less on “SEO tactics." Zack is currently living the dream in Charleston, SC.

What will he be talking about?

Zack will be teaming up with Rivers Pearce, Director of Inbound Marketing Services at BoomTown, to discuss the difference between traditional SEO and Inbound Marketing, and provide tactical and real-world applications for today's small business. They will address how today's SMB can leverage pay per click (PPC) in their Inbound Marketing strategy as well as content marketing, onsite SEO, inbound linking, PR and much more.