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Scott Brandon

To sum up our focus with one word is a tough one … but let me see … it has to be originality. Originality in developing marketing plans, originality in advertising executions, originality in PR, media and emerging trends in interactive and social media. The way I see it, what we are today is not what we will be tomorrow. All industries are in a state of constant evolution - and so are we. Make that, so we better be. That’s why we’re assembling the best people under one roof. Nobody will ever say that we’re not delivering new and innovative marketing ideas on a daily basis. Without consistently delivering a fresh approach, our clients won’t be getting what they deserve. But enough about business, advertising is supposed to be fun right? It’s why I got out of law – where’s the fun in that? Even though the “Mad Men” days of martini lunches and scotch at 10 a.m. are over, we still try to establish an atmosphere of fun and freedom at The Brandon Agency (and maybe a beer or two on a good day). On a more personal note, I’ve been around this region my whole life. I was born here, went to school at Davidson near Charlotte and then onto the University of South Carolina for a law degree. I am a member of the board of visitors for the Wall School of Business at Coastal Carolina University, a board member of the Salvation Army and on the board at CresCom Bank.

What will he be talking about?

Have you ever wished you hadn't made that marketing move? To kick off this year's conference, Scott will touch on the Top 10 Things Not To Do in Digital Marketing. Here is his breakout session topic:
l From “Real-Time marketing” to “Showrooming”, digital marketing is in a constant state of evolution and revolution. How do you keep up with all of the trends? How do you figure out which ones work? And, most importantly, how they can be applied to your business to generate results right now? Scott will discuss the leading digital marketing trends shaping the industry today and show examples of how they are being used in businesses both small and large to drive results.