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Rivers Pearce

Rivers Pearce is the Director of Inbound Marketing Services for BoomTown, an online real estate platform based in Charleston, SC.  Rivers has over 8 years experience in the online marketing and advertising space, working with numerous Fortune 500 companies across the e-commerce, travel and real estate verticals.

After receiving a degree in Philosophy from the Honors Program at The College of Charleston, Rivers promptly joined a band and criss-crossed the US for 5 straight years. Tiring of the constant travel, he landed in Atlanta when someone gave him a break in the nascent search engine marketing world in the early 2000's. Immediately falling in love with SEM, he found a home at the digital marketing agency 360i, where he worked his way up the ladder to manage pay per click and SEO campaigns for several notable Fortune 500 accounts.

In early 2010, he came to BoomTown to start their Search Engine Marketing department. Applying many agency best practices, he has helped scale BoomTown's client base from 70 to over 550 clients. He has also served as their Director of Client Success, and now serves as the Director of Inbound Marketing Services. He leads an expert team of PPC specialists managing over $6MM in annual spend, in-house SEO & PR experts, as well as several in-house writers.

What will he be talking about?

Rivers will be teaming up with Zack Hanebrink, Inbound Marketing Manager at BoomTown, to discuss the difference between traditional SEO and Inbound Marketing, and provide tactical and real-world applications for today's small business. They will address how today's SMB can leverage pay per click (PPC) in their Inbound Marketing strategy as well as content marketing, onsite SEO, inbound linking, PR and much more.