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Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy is Senior Manager of Content Marketing & Research for ExactTarget, a leading provider of interactive marketing solutions. He is the author of three critically acclaimed books, Twitter Marketing for Dummies (2nd ed), Branding Yourself (2nd ed), and Social CRM. Prior to ExactTarget, Kyle co-founded a marketing technology company, helping over 350 clients build and deliver digital marketing experiences. You can follow him on Twitter at @kyleplacy or visit his blog at KyleLacy.com.

What will he be talking about?

5 Shifts in Digital Communication

Trends are important because they help define marketing and consumer strategy for the future. Understanding technology and consumer behavior is important to the success of any company. The landscape is changing dramatically because of an increase in consumer mobility, localization, and social media. The changes in technology matter to the future of your business!

Based off of seven years of extensive research completed by the ExactTarget team, we have discovered five trends that are emerging through technology AND WILL be changing your business in the next year. Come and learn about the trending world of marketing technology. This session will equip you with the knowledge needed to understand and use the tools for a successful company.