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Carrie Wilkerson

From corporate life to teaching high school to sales, to information marketing, consulting, and even virtual service provider, Carrie Wilkerson has been there and done that professionally and personally. As “The Barefoot Executive,” she has quickly become the definitive resource for helping others achieve extra income and career goals while working from home and keeping their priorities intact. She is a mentor/coach/advisor to more than one hundred thousand men and women as The Barefoot Executive through videos, podcasts, masterminding, mentoring, and live speaking. A sought after speaker, Carrie’s humor, real-life examples and tough love translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation. Her passion is in teaching others to “Fill their Stadium” with fans so that marketing is easy and business is abundant. .She lives in Texas, with her family.

What will she be talking about?

Digital is hip and Social is sexy -- but Carrie maintains you still need to 'show me the money!'  How to go from contact to contract using direct response digital methods. Not a tech-wizard or part of the digirati, Carrie just plain leverages the platforms and tools available to get more clients, better clients and bigger business.

Carrie's high energy and humor will make sure this sometimes 'too obvious' subject is anything but. Come learn how to make sure your ROI from all things social and digital is exponential.