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Bryan Brown

As VP of Business Development at LIN Digital, Bryan Brown develops strategic partnerships with advertising agencies, assisting in the key areas of digital campaign strategy and technology solutions. Bryan also provides day-to-day creative leadership to LIN Digital's internal team of artists and developers. Before joining LIN, Bryan served in creative leadership at traditional and digital advertising agencies and has worked extensively in the area of UI/UX design and development.  Bryan studied fine art serigraphy and graphic design at the University of Texas and lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two daughters.

What will he be talking about?

Lickable Wallpaper: Audience+Distribution+Creative

Finding and reaching audiences used to be the biggest challenge in online advertising.  With the industry as a whole and distribution technology maturing, agencies and brands are now re-emphasizing the importance of communicating quality  messages that are amplified by bleeding-edge creative technology and delivered within very specific technological contexts. 

Wrestling through the interplay between audience, distribution, and creative offers agencies an opportunity to deliver brand experiences online that are unachievable in other types of media.  We will explore examples and best practices for developing integrated digital marketing campaigns and strategies for overcoming the challenges of creating compelling digital advertising.