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Scott Brandon

To sum up our focus with one word is a tough one … but let me see … it has to be originality. Originality in developing marketing plans, originality in advertising executions, originality in PR, media and emerging trends in interactive and social media. The way I see it, what we are today is not what we will be tomorrow. All industries are in a state of constant evolution - and so are we. Make that, so we better be. 

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New South Digital Marketing Conference

What New South Can Do For You

You will learn concepts directly from industry experts that will improve your business.  In addition to hearing from top notch talent, you will learn how one South Carolina executive applied these methods and grew his company by over 3,000% in just three years.

It’s a new day in digital marketing. And on this day, all day at the New South Digital Marketing Conference, you will have the exclusive opportunity to come face to face with the future of this field – and beyond. No talking heads, but the faces and masterminds from some of the most innovative online companies in the world, who will talk to you about how to get your customers talking about you – and to you – more often through social media and interactive marketing techniques, along with the latest techniques in measuring the mind-blowing results. Get face time and connect with anyone from Google Travel and TripAdvisor to Yahoo and Yelp … and more. All will converge in one current at the New South Digital Marketing Conference.

Who Should Attend:

  • YOU!
  • Business Owners
  • VPs of Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Customer Relations, Business Development 
  • CEOs, CMOs, and Chief Branding Officers
  • Interactive Marketing Specialists 
  • College Seniors and Professors